In a world of novels, political tell-alls, and how-to manuals, short stories aren’t taken seriously.  Although many writers pen short stories to practice and entertain, they can’t proliferate their work without preexisting fame, a spot in an anthology, or serious luck.  Reputable newspapers and magazines show prospective writers little respect; authors rarely receive notice that their stories hit the editors’ desks, and there is often no guarantee of ever getting a publication decision, good or bad.  Short story writers are thus left hanging for months before giving up, or posting their quality work on a self-publishing site where it could be bookended by tales typed by a well-trained monkey.  In our humble opinion, that’s a crying shame.

Vinculinc is committed to giving writers a platform to share what we believe to be the most underrated genre.  It’s certainly unconventional for a platform to showcase nothing but short stories, but Vinculinc has gone one step further: we’ve revolutionized the publishing industry altogether by scrapping industry norms and making the writing, editing, and publication process a personal, constructive, and positive one.

Anyone with a Vinculinc account can submit an original short story to Vinculinc’s Editing Team for free.  Our editors blindly consider each submission and choose the best to be published on the Vinculinc platform.  All stories published on Vinculinc become instantly eligible to be included in a printed anthology curated by our team, meaning their work could potentially be memorialized next to the words of writers like Anton Chekhov and W. B. Yeats.  Each time we sell an anthology, the authors included in the text get a cut of the proceeds.  Even if a story isn’t selected for publication, our editors still provide personalized feedback designed to improve the writing – and they do it all in just two weeks’ time.

As if it could get any better, writers can also take advantage of these priceless features:

  • View and accept editing suggestions directly on Vinculinc.  There’s no need to comb through the comments on a redlined document; with the click of a button, finalist writers who like our editors’ revisions can accept all changes and publish their work instantly.
  • Write stories online and save drafts for later.  If your story is still a work in progress, save it as a draft and go clear your mind.  Later, you can come back to Vinculinc and finish writing your masterpiece, no word processor required.
  • Review your submission history and reference previous editor feedback at any time.  If you make the same mistakes again and again, this feature is for you.  Scroll back through the stories you’ve sent to our editors and remind yourself of your writing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Read tips and tricks straight from the Vinculinc Editing Team about how to write a stunning story.  Our brief, educational articles cover everything from how to select a title to why every author should avoid “travel talk”.  All are worth a read by aspiring writers!
  • Choose an author photo and pen a biography to adorn your Vinculinc profile.  You can point friends, family members, prospective employers, and everyone in between to this page.  Since it lists every story an author has had published on Vinculinc, an author profile page serves as a hassle-free online resumé.
  • Gain loyal followers who are invested in your art.  When Vinculinc users follow a writer, they can see each time one of their new stories is published on Vinculinc.  More followers = more instant press for your writing!

Vinculinc loves to read short stories by writers of all ages, occupations, and walks of life.  Only one question remains: are you ready to share yours?