Michael Bussa

Among the dozens of rejections, it is refreshing to have my work taken seriously. Moreover, to be treated with such respect. This is the most professional and nurturing team of people I've had the privilege to work with – thank you, all!

Linn Dallas

It’s always positive to have a publisher that truly appreciates the best among yet-to-be-heralded writers, and is willing to give due consideration of their talent. Publishing has become far too commercialized in our own day and time, which at times can often take the artistry from what it is that we do. With Vinculinc, maybe there remains a ray of hope for contemporary literature yet.

John Mark Gard

It has been a simple and encouraging pleasure to work with Vinculinc every step of the way from submission to publication. Their editors provide immensely useful notes and suggestions at no charge to the writer – a service that I personally could not be more grateful to have received. I feel I am a better writer just for the notes I've taken on my work, as well as a more confident artist for having a few pieces of work published. Thanks again!

Dean Middleburgh

A massive thank you to the Vinculinc Team, who have been instrumental in helping me produce works of fiction that I can be proud to put my name to. With their guidance and support always at hand, I feel my stories have now taken on a life of their own.

Sam Martinez

Three words. Respectful, professional, and helpful. Loved every second of their help!

Randall Nichols

Vinculinc is an innovative approach to publishing. They are very helpful and encouraging and seem to be genuinely interested in helping writers get published. Thanks again for your support.

Darryl Stewart

The big thing I was afraid of was accidentally hooking up with a vanity publisher, but I have been really impressed with what Vinculinc’s done so far. You’ve published a number of books, you’re doing publicity, you’re so responsive, your editors are top of the line… You guys are an impressive operation and I’m really flattered to be hooked up with you.