We’ve all been there: determined to sit down and better ourselves with a good book, only to wind up sidetracked, exhausted, and in front of the T.V.  Everyone has something they like to read, be it romance novels, sports narratives, or true-crime fiction.  Unfortunately, life has other plans.  Between work, school, kids, and every other obligation under the sun, it’s tough to find time to hole up with literature.  Many of us can only spare a few moments of “me-time” a day, so it’s tempting to forgo thumbing (or scrolling) through a book to remember where we left off for quicker, more convenient entertainment.

It’s time to kiss those literature-shirking days goodbye.  Vinculinc’s on a mission to keep reading at the top of your priorities list, and we’re doing it with the short story.  When you create a free Vinculinc account, you gain access to thousands of hand-picked short stories by literary legends and contemporary authors just like you.  Stories take fifteen minutes to finish on average, so users don’t have to worry about running out of time to read a complete text.  Since Vinculinc features stories of all genres, about all topics, for all ages, we have the perfect reading material for every type of user.  Each tale is professionally edited and selected with care, so there’s no chance of running across fan fiction, serialized novels, or stories riddled with typos.  Short stories are accessible through our specially-formulated eReader, which allows readers to save their display preferences and read anywhere, whether on a tablet, computer, or mobile device.

And the best part?  We’re a whole lot more than a reading platform.  Check out what other incredible things readers can do on Vinculinc:

  • Review your favorite – or least favorite – stories and share your opinions with other Vinculinc users through discussions about the texts.
  • Tell your friends about something great you unearthed on Vinculinc.  Easily share story links via Facebook, Twitter, and email.
  • Shop our marketplace of anthologies carefully-curated by the Vinculinc Editing Team.  Our themed anthologies contain complementary classic and modern tales we know you’ll enjoy.  Buy a printed version – or two, or three – and we’ll send you a hard copy of your favorite stories.  New anthologies are constantly in the works, so keep an eye out for new releases!
  • Discover budding contemporary authors, or delve into the pasts of admired classic writers.  Click on any author name to view their photo, biography, and Vinculinc publication history.  It’s always interesting to learn about the great minds behind the art, so go ahead: investigate to your heart’s content!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re clearly a passionate Vinculinc reader in-the-making.  So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up for free, today!