Creating and Using a Vinculinc Account:

Is it free to create a Vinculinc account?

Absolutely, and it always will be!  Anyone with a valid email address can create an account for free.


What can I do once I’ve opened my Vinculinc account?

Brace yourself, because the possibilities are endless!  Like to read?  Search for a story by your favorite writer, or discover a tale written by one of our contemporary authors.  Eager to share a story?  Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.  Feel a story is amazing – or overrated?  Leave a review, and check out what other readers are saying about the text.  Want to gift a friend or family member with a book of classic and modern stories hand-picked by our editors?  Purchase an anthology to be shipped to your home.  Longing to see your own story published?  Submit a tale to our editing team.  Need we go on?


I’m having problems creating my account.  What can I do?

First things first: check those pesky spam filters.  You should get an email asking you to verify your login address upon creating an account, so ensure that the message didn’t end up in a trash folder.  Having another issue?  Contact us at techsupport@vinculinc.com.


Reading a Story:

What types of stories are featured on Vinculinc?

Vinculinc is home to thousands of short stories, including loads of classics by international authors, as well as countless stories by contemporary writers who submitted their original work on www.vinculinc.com.  Our writers come from all professions and walks of life, and their tales spotlight topics ranging from poverty to crime-busting cops to undying love to everything in between. 

Want to learn more about our featured authors?  Follow @vinculinc on Facebook and Twitter to read biographies of our contemporary writers.  You can also read author bios within the Vinculinc platform by clicking on any author name.  Follow your favorite writers to easily know when their new content hits Vinculinc.


Are all stories free to read?

Yes, they are!  Go ahead and fill up your library with tales, then swap them out for new ones again and again.


Why do I need a Vinculinc account to read stories?

You don't!  We understand some users don't want the bells and whistles that come with a free Vinculinc account.  If you simply want to click-and-read, select the "Read Now" option in the homepage header. 

Should you find yourself returning to Vinculinc again and again, we recommend you create an account for a more convenient reading experience.  When logged in, you can add stories to your library to read for later – and our eReader will save your place if you leave the platform mid-story.  


Wow, I don't know where to start!  How can I narrow down my reading options?

If you're an insatiable reader who will devour just about any high-quality piece, check out our featured "Story of the Day".  Our editors select one special tale every Monday-Friday to spotlight under the "Featured" section of our homepage.  Need a daily reminder to check what's featured on Vinculinc?  Follow us on Instagram for an instant link to the Story of the Day. 

Are you in the mood for something more specific – say, a sci-fi thriller?  You can whittle down stories to fit your preferences by using the advanced search on the left.  There, you can search the latest stories, as well as filter tales by genre, themes, and age rating.  You can then re-sort any search by story rating, publication date, or popularity by using the drop-down menu at the top of the page results.


Why can’t I print the stories in my library?

It’s important to us that our writers get the credit they deserve.  Unfortunately, stories are often misused when they can be printed, copied, and easily circulated.  While we encourage you to share your favorite tales with family and friends, we ask that you direct your loved ones to Vinculinc, where they can read those stories for free.  Want a printed copy?  We don’t blame you!  Check out our carefully-curated anthologies and have our outstanding tales delivered to your door.


How can I deem if a story is appropriate?

Vinculinc caters to a very wide audience, so we carefully label our stories with genres, themes, and age ratings to indicate the nature of their content.  We encourage all users to check these labels before adding a story to their libraries.  Please note that stories labeled “17+” contain potentially offensive content which may include foul language, violence/gore, and/or brief scenes of sexuality.I


My eReader won't load.  What should I do?

While our eReader is compatible with all major internet browsers, some systems – like Internet Explorer – do not support our technology.  Try accessing Vinculinc with Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, instead.  



Buying an Anthology:

How are anthologies priced?

The price of an anthology is dependent on the number and length of stories in the collection.  Tax and shipping costs are determined based on the user’s address.


Does Vinculinc ship internationally?

Yes, we do!  However, please note that country-specific regulations prevent us from assigning tracking numbers to international orders.  Vinculinc cannot be held responsible for lost orders traveling outside of the United States and territories.


Can I purchase my anthology in eBook form?

Yes, very soon!  Keep checking back for updates about when you can order an eBook anthology.


I purchased an anthology and never got an order confirmation.  Who can I contact to check on my order?

We’re sorry to hear that!  Shoot us an email at orders@vinculinc.com and we’ll make it right.


Submitting a Story:

How many stories can I submit?

There’s no limit to the number of stories you can submit over your lifetime, but we ask that you only send us one story at a time until you hear back from our editing team.


Does it cost money to submit a story?

Never!  It is always free to submit a short story on Vinculinc.


Does the submission portal ever close?

No, unlike other publishing houses, Vinculinc is free from black-out periods.  You can submit a story at any time on any day of the year.


Help!  I can’t access the page where I can submit my story.

You need to be signed in to your Vinculinc account to submit a story.  If you are signed in and still can’t access our submission portal, report your issue to techsupport@vinculinc.com.


I already wrote my story in a Word or PDF document.  Do I have to type the text directly into the submission text box? 

You can easily copy and paste a pre-written story into the submission text box, provided the selection is under 15,000 words.  Otherwise, simply type your story directly into the box and send it to our team.  Need a little time to craft the perfect tale?  Save your working story as a draft on Vinculinc, then return to finish it when inspiration hits.


Does Vinculinc provide feedback about how I can improve as a writer?

The Vinculinc Editing Team is proud to offer personalized feedback on every submission, regardless of its publication status.  While finalist tales receive detailed revision suggestions from our editors, all stories are read and reviewed by three different members of our Editors’ Council (EC) before passing on to our editors.  Once your story has been reviewed, you will receive an email with a link to EC feedback.  If you’re still itching to know how you can improve your work, the best thing you can do is read other short stories!  You can also check out our Writing Tips on the Vinculinc homepage, employ what you’ve learned, and submit a new story for review.


When can I expect to hear back from the editing team?

Our editing team is the hardest working group in the publishing industry.  We pour through thousands of short stories each month and send a publication decision to each and every writer within two weeks.  Dying to know where your story is in the review process?  After you submit your tale, you can track its status directly on Vinculinc.  Simply click on the Published icon in the side panel to view your pending stories.  Each submission will bear some status, be it Pending EC Review, Pending Editor Review, Not Accepted for Publication, or Pending Author Review (if you are a story finalist).  Haven’t heard back from us after two weeks have passed?  Check your spam folders; it’s likely that your publication decision never made it to your inbox.


Which types of stories are most likely to be featured on the Vinculinc platform?

The Vinculinc Editing Team accepts all types of tales… with a few caveats.  While our editors read just about everything under the sun, we do not review the following: 

  • Stories not written in English.
  • Stories exclusively licensed to another publishing house, magazine, newspaper, or website.
  • Third-party submissions (i.e. stories submitted on behalf of a friend).
  • Erotica or stories containing gratuitous sexual content and/or violence.
  • Stories containing unnecessary foul language.
  • Serialized or incomplete submissions.
  • Excerpts from or stories resembling the structure of a novella, novel, or longer piece of literature.

Stories which do not comply with company standards are marked as spam and will not be considered by our team.


My story was already published by another website or publication.  Can I still submit it to the Vinculinc Editing Team?

Writers are free to submit stories which have already appeared in other widely-disseminated online or print publications, provided that by doing so they do not infringe on any preexisting rights to the story.  If you aren’t sure if submitting your story on Vinculinc will violate your agreement with another company, we encourage you to contact them for clarification before sending your story to us.  Want to be on the safe side?  We welcome any unpublished or self-published stories you may have in your repertoire.


Why was my story not a fit for the Vinculinc portfolio?

If your story wasn’t selected by our editing team, don’t be discouraged!  We are a publishing house – not a self-publishing site – so the large majority of submissions we receive aren’t selected for publication.  Since our editors take a holistic approach to curating our portfolio, some well-written pieces may simply not complement the tales currently on (or scheduled to be added to) Vinculinc. 


My story wasn’t chosen for publication.  Can I edit and resubmit it?

Sorry, but no.  In the interest of giving each submission an equal amount of attention and respect, our editors do not review re-writes of non-finalist stories they have already read.  Should our team discover that you have submitted an identical or revised version of a non-finalist tale, your Vinculinc account will be suspended.  For this reason, we encourage you to wait and submit what you believe to be the best version of your story.  Since your lifetime number of submissions has no bearing on your chances of receiving a publication offer, it’s much better to submit one, well-constructed story than to send us five, low-quality narratives in quick succession.


Let’s say the editing team likes my story.  What happens then?

First off, congratulations!  Our finalists are among an elite group of writers, and you should be very proud.  Enclosed in your finalist letter, you will find a link to an edited version of your story complete with annotations from our editors.  Our thoughtful suggestions are meant to strengthen your writing, not change your words, so we kindly ask that you take these revisions into account when editing your final draft.  Don’t be alarmed if your story looks especially marked up.  Even the most seasoned writers’ work needs a little polishing! 

If you like what you see, simply click “Accept Changes and Publish” and voila: your story will automatically be published on Vinculinc, where it can be read for free or purchased by any Vinculinc user when featured in one of our curated anthologies. 

Should you feel the need to make additional changes, you can do so directly using the Vinculinc online editor.  We ask that you give our editors another two weeks to evaluate your revisions, after which time you will receive another round of feedback from our team.  You may continue to tweak your work as much as necessary, but please note that your story will not join the Vinculinc platform until both author and editing team see eye-to-eye about all pending revisions.


How can I tell if my story has been featured in a Vinculinc anthology?

It takes time to find the perfect stories to complement one another.  Our team is constantly curating new collections, so we’ll be sure to notify you if we add an anthology containing your work to our online store.  If you’re curious which stories are inside any given anthology, simply click on the collection title to see a table of contents.


Once my story has been added to the Vinculinc platform, can I send it to other publications?

Our editors work very closely with finalist writers to make their stories the best they can be.  Since this is a collaborative effort which includes multiple parties contributing their intellectual property, we do not permit writers to send their Vinculinc-approved stories to other publications.  You may, however, publish or reprint your story in any anthology comprised entirely of your own work, or in any volume that you edit, provided you acknowledge Vinculinc, Inc. as the original publisher.  Should our team discover that a story approved by our editors has been circulated to an unauthorized source, the tale will immediately be removed from Vinculinc and pulled from all anthologies in which it may be featured.


Does the Vinculinc Team charge me to publish my story?

Never!  On the contrary, we pay you.


How do I get paid for my story?

The Vinculinc Sales Team tracks each time a story is purchased as part of a printed anthology, and writers receive a cut every time their tale is sold.  Once your earnings reach $100, we’ll let you know and be in touch about where we should send your payment!


I’m still not totally on board.  How can I ensure my story isn’t misused by Vinculinc?

There are a lot of scams out there, so we can’t say we blame you.  Let’s try and put your mind at ease.  Stories are only featured on Vinculinc after finalist writers have accepted all suggested revisions and e-signed a Consent to Publish agreement which gives Vinculinc permission to sell and distribute their work.  Under this contract, Vinculinc promises to protect copyright of the author’s story by keeping a time-stamped record of when the tale was submitted to our site in his/her name.  This document legally serves as proof of the story’s “moment of creation”, and may be used by the author to refute any unfounded claims of unauthorized ownership by another writer, organization, or publishing house.  That said, you can rest easy knowing no one is taking undue credit for your work.


The editing team asked me for a recent photograph and a brief author biography.  Why do they need this?

Every Vinculinc author profile page features a photo and writer bio.  Vinculinc users are constantly inspired by our authors’ life stories, so we encourage you to share your personal journey to motivate other writers to submit their narratives.  These biographies also provide special insight into the inspiration behind authors’ stories, and are especially appreciated by our student users who utilize Vinculinc in the classroom.  To add a photo and biography to your user profile, simply click on the circular photo next to your name, and edit the “User Biography” and “Profile Picture” fields.

We love to spotlight our official writers on our social media platforms to garner support for their work.  If you’re unsure how to craft your profile, check out our Facebook page for examples of previous author bios.  Apprehensive about appearing on social media?  Just let us know and we’ll keep your photo and bio on Vinculinc, only.


Where can I read stories accepted by the Vinculinc Editing Team?

Only on Vinculinc, of course!


Does every contemporary story get a special cover?

In-house artists work hard to create free, custom covers for contemporary short stories on the Vinculinc platform.  Since every cover is made to perfectly match its text, it may take a number of weeks for a published story to be tagged with its corresponding artwork.


Can I submit artwork to accompany my story (or one of my favorite Vinculinc tales)?

We love when our short stories inspire artists!  If you’d like your original artwork to be featured next to one of the stories on Vinculinc, post it on Instagram and tag @vinculinc and #storytitle.  Our artists are always on the lookout for @vinculinc mentions, so if your masterpiece catches their eye, it may be posted on Vinculinc for all readers to see.


Working at Vinculinc:

How can I join Vinculinc’s Editors’ Council and provide feedback to authors from around the world?

Vinculinc’s Editors’ Council is invitation-only and comprised of users who have been specially identified for their superb performance in Language Arts.  Interested candidates may send the name of a professional reference who can vouch for their editing abilities and a brief explanation of why they want to join Vinculinc's Editors' Council to educators@vinculinc.com.

Is Vinculinc hiring?

When a job position opens up, we post a description and application instructions on LinkedIn.  To be sure you’re up-to-date with the latest in Vinculinc Careers, follow Vinculinc.