Every English teacher is familiar with the complaints which accompany required reading.  What many educators consider to be great literary masterpieces are “too long,” “too boring,” or “too unrelatable” for the average student.  As a result, many middle school, high school, and even university students dread the novels on their school reading lists – and even take extreme measures to avoid reading them in their entirety.

That said, everyone likes a good story.  While many students may shirk away from assigned texts out of habit, that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to be engaged in literature.  Perhaps they just haven’t found the right medium.

That’s where Vinculinc comes in.  Founded on the premise of proliferating the short story, we understand that reading material should be vividly-written, digestible, and high-quality.  That’s why we’ve compiled a free catalog of thousands of short stories perfect for studying in the classroom.  While we offer countless tales by literary “greats” like Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, and Virginia Woolf, Vinculinc specializes in curating exclusive original content written by budding authors across the globe.  This perfect blend of classic and contemporary content, coupled with valuable tools like a mobile-compatible, customizable eReader and personalized editor feedback on every story submission makes Vinculinc a dream-come-true for English teachers everywhere.

Curious how opening a free Vinculinc account can get your students passionate about literature?  Check out some of the many ways Vinculinc can be an asset to your classroom:

  • Search thousands of short stories by genre, theme, and age rating to find tales which fit your latest unit.  Then, send your students a link to the text, which they can read for free on any computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Hone your students’ writing chops by encouraging them to submit their original short stories to Vinculinc’s Editing Team.  If their work is outstanding, they could become published authors!  Even if their stories aren’t a fit for the Vinculinc platform, they’ll receive specific comments about everything from character development to syntax in hopes that their writing will improve with each new tale.
  • Join the Vinculinc Story of the Week program: a service exclusively available to English teachers.  For just $5/student, we'll send you an anthology of short stories to be studied throughout the semester.  Every Friday, our team will feature one of these tales on social media with the goal that, come Monday, the class can spend ten minutes discussing the text before hopping back in to your scheduled curriculum.  Students can read stories at their leisure, be it online at www.vinculinc.com, or in print.  We'll provide you with analytical questions, writing prompts, and contextual information about the story in case you become inspired to turn a brief “icebreaker” discussion into a full-blown daily lesson.

Intrigued?  Follow our student Instagram handle, @vinculincsotw, or email us at educators@vinculinc.com for more information.  Our new Spring 2019 Story of the Week Program is coming soon!

Are you a university professor?  We have even more opportunities for your students!  Breaking into the literary industry can be tough, so we offer an invaluable, low-stress chance to get first-hand editing experience while still in college.

Vinculinc’s Editing Team is assisted by a cohort of Editors’ Councilmembers who help determine which stories are ultimately published on Vinculinc.  Many of these councilmembers are exemplary university students with a passion for Language Arts.  Vinculinc allows these honorary editors to read new Vinculinc submissions and give their honest reviews – all from the comfort of their dorm rooms.  When councilmembers provide feedback, they not only help writers to strengthen their work, but gain relevant job experience in the literary field.  We also provide letters of recommendation to councilmembers who go above-and-beyond, should they need a reference for their resumés.

Membership in the Vinculinc Editors’ Council is invitation-only.  If you would like to nominate a student for a position on the Editors’ Council, send their full name, email address, and a short explanation of why they would be an asset to the Vinculinc Editing Team to educators@vinculinc.com.  Our team will review the student’s candidacy and notify him/her if selected.