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What Stands Between Us


17 Stories

Some relationships, no matter how passionate, just aren't meant to be.  Others defy all matter of obstacles in the name of love.  "What Stands Between Us" showcases the odds which so often keep romances from blooming.  Follow women and men through space and time as they battle prejudice, distance, poverty, and familial conflict to salvage true love.

ISBN 978-1-64099-004-3


Never Bet the Devil Your Head By Edgar Allan Poe
Daughters of the Vicar By D. H. Lawrence
A Rose of the Ghetto By Israel Zangwill
Aloha Oe By Jack London
The Boarding House By James Joyce
The Fawn Gloves By Jerome K. Jerome
Azélie By Kate Chopin
Désirée's Baby By Kate Chopin
La Belle Zoraïde By Kate Chopin
A Lickpenny Lover By O. Henry
Mademoiselle Olympe Zabriski By Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Marse Chan By Thomas Nelson Page
Lin By Darryl Stewart
In Progress By Ashley Allen