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Monster in the Mirror


14 Stories

Strange, creepy, and outright unforgettable nightmares come to life in this chilling anthology featuring 14 tales of bizarre transformations.  Read works by celebrated authors like Algernon Blackwood and Edgar Allan Poe alongside modern tales penned by contemporary Vinculinc authors as they unfurl shifts in body, mind, and spirit.  Whether tales of hypnotism, ghosts, or nature brought to life, "Monster in the Mirror" is sure to keep you up at night, turning page after page!

ISBN 978-1-64099-002-9


Morella By Edgar Allan Poe
The Masque of the Red Death By Edgar Allan Poe
The Willows By Algernon Blackwood
Zarin, the All-Seeing By Joshua Tarquinio
Gabriel-Ernest By H. H. Munro
The Tomb By H. P. Lovecraft
The Vacant Lot By Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
The Wind in the Rose-bush By Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Ked's Hand By Wilbur Daniel Steele
Moths By Ryan Taylor
The Mannequin By Justin Seguin
Welcome to Stay By Levon Williams-Hughes