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44 Stories

Let your mind soar on the wings of the inventive writers who were the first to have their stories featured on Vinculinc!  From heartwarming to ironic, horrific to humorous, the tales in this volume showcase the diversity and complexity of the short story genre.  With over 40 stories to choose from, "Boundless" has a little something to satisfy every type of reader.

ISBN 978-1-64099-000-5


Ending in "V" By Michael Bussa
A More Interesting Time By Joseph Brogdon
Calls in the Night By Tylor Jensen
The Transgression By Rick Hackenberg
At the Butcher By Joel Leath
Chewing Gum By Shakil Ahmed
Moths By Ryan Taylor
A Whistle of Wind By Samuel Martinez
Cold-Blooded By Stephen Tillman
Route 12 By Alec Cooper
Welcome to Stay By Levon Williams-Hughes
Fever By L.G. Wells
The Pursuit of Truth By Tommy Cunningham
Nom de Plume By Sara Banerji
Bird's Eye View By Matthew Thompson
Crow By Luke McMahon
Polka Dots By Arun Karthik
Midnight on The Hound By Joel Brender
Fighter By John Gard
The Whole World By Matthew Thompson
A Man, a Woman, and a Bench By Elizabeth Thacker
The Mannequin By Justin Seguin
Until Your Better's Best By Mary Lou Condike
Speak By Matthew Remy
Number 1456212 By Dean Middleburgh
A Winter's Day By John Quintana
Mr. Anderson By Diana Grillo
Monika Gildeen By Dean Middleburgh
The Strangers By Dean Middleburgh
The Devil and Johnnie Walker By Cooper Anderson
Jake and the Norsemen By Matthew Thompson
The Voice By Dean Middleburgh
Lin By Darryl Stewart
The Sounds of Silence By Mary Wright
Float By Michael Bussa
The Runners-Up By Vijay Muralidharan
A Lesson Learnt By Syed Abdur Rahman
Banker By John Gard
Glass Lullaby By Mariya Patel
Olympia's Gaze By Kenneth He
Her Image By Sabrina Ardizzone