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44 stories

$ 19.99

Let your mind soar on the wings of the inventive writers who were the first to have their stories featured on Vinculinc!  From heartwarming to ironic, horrific to humorous, the tales in this volume showcase the diversity and complexity of the short story genre.  With over 40 stories to choose from, "Boundless" has a little something to satisfy every type of reader.

ISBN 978-1-64099-000-5

16 stories

$ 13.49

The perfect anthology to celebrate the incredible women who inspire us, "Her Will Be Done" explores the special qualities which make females so remarkable.  The 16 stories inside this volume span centuries, continents, and perspectives, but all celebrate women's power, choice, wit, and respect for themselves and those around them.  This anthology is a wonderful selection for a feminist reading club, curriculum, or gift for that special lady in your life!

ISBN 978-1-64099-003-6

14 stories

$ 13.49

Strange, creepy, and outright unforgettable nightmares come to life in this chilling anthology featuring 14 tales of bizarre transformations.  Read works by celebrated authors like Algernon Blackwood and Edgar Allan Poe alongside modern tales penned by contemporary Vinculinc authors as they unfurl shifts in body, mind, and spirit.  Whether tales of hypnotism, ghosts, or nature brought to life, "Monster in the Mirror" is sure to keep you up at night, turning page after page!

ISBN 978-1-64099-002-9

17 stories

$ 16.99

Some relationships, no matter how passionate, just aren't meant to be.  Others defy all matter of obstacles in the name of love. "What Stands Between Us" showcases the odds which so often keep romances from blooming.  Follow women and men through space and time as they battle prejudice, distance, poverty, and familial conflict to salvage true love.

ISBN 978-1-64099-004-3