About Vinculinc

At Vinculinc, we believe that stories are meant to be shared.  That’s why we’re uniting readers and writers from all over the world via literature’s most underappreciated genre: the short story. 

Short stories spread universal messages, lessons, and social commentaries in 15,000 words or less.  Although the diverse subject matter and concise length of these tales makes them ideal for both the classroom and the bedside, many readers have never been exposed to short stories.  Publishers reap the highest profits from full-length novels, so short stories only appear in printed anthologies – and even then, typically only after the author has garnered some global acclaim from a longer published book.  Most writers first draft short stories to perfect their novels, but the publishing industry’s aversion to the genre means that these narratives seldom reach readers.  So how do people get their hands on thousands of professionally edited, high-quality short stories without raiding a bookstore?  Enter Vinculinc.

The Vinculinc platform was designed in 2015 as the publishing industry’s first fully-integrated online space through which users can read, discuss, and write original short stories, as well as purchase curated anthologies containing both contemporary tales and classic works.  Upon its official launch in spring of 2017, Vinculinc absorbed its subsidiary service, www.publishmyshortstory.com, and continues to offer the world’s only free short story submission portal where writers of all backgrounds can send their work for a chance to be exclusively published on Vinculinc.  Vinculinc is proud to be the only publisher which provides a publication decision and personalized writing feedback to every submission, regardless of its publication status.

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